Helpful Tips…

  • Plan well in advance. Submit your request 10-18 months out or more if possible.
  • Deposit your week as far in advance as your resort allows, this increases your exchange request trade value.
  • Be flexible. Give us numerous options for location and vacation timing. 
  • Avoid requesting a holiday or high demand period unless you are giving up a similar time period at your home resort.
  • Be sure we have your correct home, cell and e-mail address and always respond quickly to offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. What is the primary difference between Vacations and Travel and other Exchange Companies?

A. We offer greater flexibility and less out of pocket expense to you over all other companies when exchanging your timeshare.  There are no annual membership fees, no guest certificate fees, and we never charge exchange fees upfront to start a search – you only pay an exchange fee after confirming the resort of your choice.   

Q. Where can I exchange with Vacations and Travel?

A. Vacations and Travel offers hundreds of resorts around the world, but we specialize in resorts located throughout Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and popular US destinations.  Check out our on-line exchange directory. 

Q. Can we be a member of more than one Exchange Company?

A. Yes. Regardless of any affiliation your home resort has with an exchange company, as a timeshare owner, you have the right to request the services of any exchange company you want.  You are never locked into just one exchange company; many clients use the services of multiple companies at the same time for different services.

Q. How far in advance can I deposit my week and how long do I have to trade against it?

A. It depends on your resort, many resorts allow up to 2 years in advance and we accept deposits down to 60 days prior to the start date of your use week.  If your week is under 60 days out, please call us for late deposit approval.  You receive the highest trade value when depositing the furthest in advance and the lowest trade value when depositing late.  Having high trade value is your greatest advantage when confirming the most in demand exchange resorts.  Your deposited week will expire 2 years after the actual use date of your week unless you choose to extend the deposit for an optional fee.

Q. What if I can’t find the resort or destination that I’m looking for, can I be added to an exchange search wait list?

A. Yes! There are always more available resorts than what appears on the online directory. Enter your request online or contact our Exchange Department at 888-515-3696 to speak to an exchange specialist to discuss your request over the phone.

Q. Can I deposit the same week/use year with more than one exchange company – or put it up for rent and deposit it at the same time?

A. No, as this will create a double booking of your unit. Should this occur, you are liable for any expenses incurred by the inbound guest being denied occupancy of your unit.  No one wants this to happen, so please be careful to only bank your week with only one exchange company in any given use year and make sure the week you are depositing is not in a rental program.

Q. Can we take our week back after depositing it with Vacations and Travel?

A. No, and this is the same policy with all exchange companies.  Once your week is deposited, it is relinquished to Vacation and Travel Services to be booked by other members and cannot be taken back. Your week is redeemed only by exchanging into another timeshare resort destination or back into your home resort.

Q. How soon will we hear our request has been confirmed?

A. We will contact you immediately upon achieving a match of your request. Sometimes this is immediate when you contact us because of available inventory in our system, and other times we have to initiate a search for you. We are working hard for you each day and will contact you just as soon as there is a resort match.

Q. What are the cancellation policies?

A. All exchange and rental fees are final and non-refundable once confirmed.  The cancellation policy of your exchange week varies – if you cancel more than 45 days prior to arrival, you will receive a deposit credit for another week valid until your original deposit’s expiration date. If canceling less than 45 days prior to arrival, you will only get a credit for a replacement deposit week if your exchange unit is booked by another client.

Q. We may be checking in a day or two late for our exchange – what is the procedure?

A. In the event you will be a checking in past the official check-in day or past normal check in hours, it is your responsibility to contact the resort directly and advise them accordingly. Failure to do so, the resort may consider you a no-show, resulting in your unit being assigned to another guest.